PTI Transformers (formerly Partner Technologies Incorporated) was established in 1989 as a small maintenance and reconditioning shop for oil filled electrical apparatus in Regina, Saskatchewan. Shortly thereafter, PTI started manufacturing single-phase oil filled distribution transformers, and our expertise has since grown to the point of recognition as a leading innovator of transformer technology. PTI Transformers has become Canada’s largest 100% Canadian owned transformer manufacturer with a focus on custom engineered solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements.

Mission Statement

To manufacture and service liquid-filled transformers employing innovative and green customized solutions that bring true value and quality to the Customer. We are committed to investing in our shareholders, community and employees through continuous improvement, corporate citizenship, safety, health and environmentally sustainable practices.

Core Values

  • Supply products of the highest quality and value at a price that is competitive in the market place and support these products in a manner that ensures their long-term value to our customers.
  • Grow the company by seeking new, innovative business opportunities that are complementary to the markets we serve.
  • Create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees.
  • Share the success of our business with our employees.
  • Deal with customers, suppliers and employees in a positive, transparent and friendly manner that focuses on the mutual benefit of our relationships.
  • Act with absolute integrity in all of our business dealings.

Why PTI Transformers?

With experience manufacturing, repairing and servicing distribution equipment, PTI Transformers is one of North America’s leading experts in transformer technology. PTI specializes in the servicing of electrical transformers, reclosers, regulators, electronic controls and other distribution equipment.

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