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FNPA Summary Overview

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FNPA is the only North-American non-profit Indigenous owned and controlled organization developing power projects with Indigenous communities. FNPA bridges the gaps between industry, government, and Indigenous communities to evaluate and develop Indigenous owned power generation projects. FNPA leverages project development expertise, network of industry experts, and technical advisors to develop projects resulting in increased economic benefits for First Nation communities.

FNPA Intro

Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI)

The SPI, led by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, supports Aboriginal participation in the economy, with a particular focus on the forestry, fisheries, mining, energy and agriculture sectors. SPI builds partnerships among federal departments, Aboriginal communities, provincial and territorial governments and the private sector to help Aboriginal Canadians take advantage of complex market-driven opportunities in key sectors of the economy. 


Develop and deliver renewable power projects that generate revenue and business opportunities for our communities, partners and FNPA.

Redefining Projects


  1. To deliver on the 2016 set-aside agreement with SaskPower for 40 megawatts in renewable energy set-projects (20MW solar and 20MW flare gas capture).
  2. To strength FNPA’s internal capacity for project management services.
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Creating easily accessible and online services to support the development of our members and partners.

Creating true value

Service include

  1. Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment
  2. Partnership Identification Process
  3. Solar Project Design
  4. Community Energy Project Procurement
  5. Renewable Energy Financial Modelling
  6. Community Energy Planning
  7. Community Energy Resource Assessment
  8. Pre-Feasibility Assessments for Energy Projects
  9. Business Planning for Energy Projects
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Value Proposition

FNPA makes it easy to develop renewable power generation projects.

Membership Benefit

Membership Benefit

  1. Advocacy and capacity building
  2. Governance and annual forums
  3. Access to fee-for-service
  4. Set-aside agreements, PPAs/FNOAs, procurement
  5. Sponsorship and Education
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