George Gordon Developments Limited Partnership

Have partnered with Red Dog Holdings and Natural Forces to create a Limited Partnership to develop, construct and operate and 10 Mega Watt commercial solar utility. Our new entity is Pesakastew Solar Limited. Our name means rising sun solar in the Nehiyaw (Cree) Language.

Solar In Development (MW)

WIND In Development (MW)

Natural Gas In Development (MW)


We believe in doing what we can to help Mother Earth with Global warming and partnering with companies that want to develop green and renewable energy projects. To capitalize on current and future market demand by securing the required resources to meet energy needs. To build the foundation to increase power production capacity to 100 MW by 2030


To seek business partners that will invest, build capacity, train and employ GGFN members. These business relationships could include MoU, equity investments, joint ventures and other forms of cooperation to generate revenue.


Our board, shareholders and community have approved the 4 main values in our strategic plan;

  • Accountable : We are obligated to take personal account for our actions and results while ensuring that we hold ourselves to a standard of sound ethics and resource responsibilities.
  • Transparent: Delivering on our commitment to value the involvement of our stakeholders through meaningful communication accompanied by the availability of full information when necessary.
  • Integrity: Our promise to conduct the affairs of the company with truth, accuracy and the highest level of honesty and professionalism in all aspects of our business.
  • Relationships: To be a quality corporate partner by embracing the relationships that we build within our community and our business so that these relationships are held at the highest regard of care, respect and trust.

Business Model

The strategic map of George Gordon Developments is focused on the
four areas of Business Development, Organization Development, Communication and Sustainability. It is guided by its principles of being accountable, being transparent, being honest, and a company that values quality relationships with its stakeholders and business partners.

  • Developed business plans for solar energy production (on and off reserve) that includes solar and wind
  • Initiated talks with SaskPower on commercial relationship (Power Purchase Agreements) for renewable energy
  • Identified partners for high-voltage and piling projects
  • Developed growing partnership with First Nations Power Authority’s 10 MW project.

Why George Gordon Developments Limited Partnership?

Pesakastew was used as our name to let people know we are an majority Indigenous owned company. We utilized a relevant name that reflects our traditional and treaty based relationship with the Sun


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