EVOLVsolar is a private company that engineers, installs, and maintains solar PV systems across Western Canada. EVOLVsolar is a one-stop shop for solar PV systems as we take care of our clients from system design through to installation, monitoring and maintenance. Our goal is to make solar energy affordable while giving back to society, which we achieve by partnering with MeshPower to help families in a developing country access to clean solar energy.



MW+ (Operating)



Our purpose is to help Canadians generate solar power for their homes, farms, businesses, and communities. We want to contribute our expertise to renewable energy and the incredible solar resource available in Western Canada.

We commit to our clients from start to finish, and our goal is to provide them an effortless experience while our team takes care of every aspect of the project.


We believe in maintaining a strong partnership with all our clients, suppliers, government/municipalities and all associations which promote solar PV and renewable energy.

We are keen to enhance the experience of our clients by promoting and encouraging all solar PV rebate and incentive programs.

Business Model

Our business model targets individual homeowners, farms, businesses and communities. Our experienced designers, engineers and tradesmen will provide support to our clients throughout the entire process. This is consistent from the first coordination phone call or email, to the system design, installation, commissioning of the project, monitoring, maintenance, and guidance on any funding or rebate programs.work of values, strategies and key processes.


Our business is shaped around our core values: integrity, commitment, expertise, hardworking, care. We will stay committed to our potential, current and future clients with the highest level of care, integrity, and respect.

Our team is always striving to working hard and expand their expertise in customer service, design and installation.

Why Evolvsolar?

Our vision is to help Canada transform from being a traditional energy exporter of oil and gas products, to a country that helps lead the world into the renewable age.  As stewards of the land we call home for countless generations, we would like to support First Nations communities in leading the transition to cleaner forms of energy generation in our country.

Recent Industrial Projects

  1. Freson Bros. grocery store – Edmonton, Alberta
  2. Joe Wecker organic farm – Lajord, Saskatchewan
  3. Evesque Farms Ltd. – Lac Pelletier, Saskatchewan
  4. Canada One Travel – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  5. Changing Seasons Bed and Breakfast – Nanton, Alberta
  6. Triple M Sales Ltd. – Winnipeg, Manitoba

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