Measuring energy in homes

Find out how much power it takes to run a device at home. See the following steps:

1. Find out how much electricity (W) does the device use (you can find this information on the device label, on the website of the manufacturer, or in the instruction manual)

2. How many hours a day is your device on?

3. How many days a month do you use your device?

Once you know all the information above, you can go to Saskpower website and use their power consumption calculator to find out how much it costs to run that device.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is the act of using or consuming less energy by changing one’s behavior. Energy conservation is achievable through low-to-no cost changes.

Tips on how you can change your behavior to save energy:

  • Turning off lights when you leave the room;
  • Taking shorter showers, using less energy to heat the water;
  • Turning down your thermostat and putting on a sweater;
  • Use cold water for washing clothes;
  • Use a clothesline in the summer months to dry clothes;
  • Add electronics to a power bar and turn it off when you are not home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to deliver the required service, mostly through changes in technology.

For example, replacing household appliances with energy-efficient ones. It is normally more costly than energy conservation but achieves more savings over time.

Some saving tips

1) Install LED lights;
2) Installing weather sealant over windows for the winter months, to reduce heat loss;
3) Proper installation and maintenance of windows and doors;
4) Install energy-efficient appliances and electronics;
5) Increase the insulation in walls and attic space;
6) Install a programmable thermostat.

How to reduce electricity bills?

There are several ways to lower your monthly electricity bill and best of all; we can use our creativity to always discover new ways to save energy!

Top 10 ways to save:

Phantom Power

Phantom power is the power that is used even when the devices are not running.

Phantom power may account for up to 10% of a house’s energy usage.

How to Read Electricity Meter

Submitting the meter readings will help you keep your bills accurate, pay for the energy you are actually using and learn more about your energy use! According to SaskPower, 6 days before your billing date is the best time to submit your reading, but it can also be submitted at any time you want!

You can get your meter read cards on the mail or you can print them online. Write down the exact position of each dial on the card. If the dial is between two numbers, use the lower number. In the example image, the correct reading would be 79314.

Enter your meter read each month for a chance to win a $250 credit on your bill!

4 ways to submit your meter reading

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