Advisory Services

Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment

A Community Energy Resource Assessment will assess the energy and electricity usage for five to seven community buildings. The assessment will also look at potential community-scale renewable energy opportunities that could be used to offset the usage that those buildings require. Typically, the assessment also includes a Solar Project Design and the Project Procurement as requested by the community. The price includes both the Solar Project Design and the Project Procurement.


Community Energy Planning (CEP)

Community Energy Planning provides a comprehensive report on the communities baseline energy and emissions profile, an understanding of energy efficiency and conservation opportunities in their community, and finally, opportunities for renewable energy projects at the community level. The CEP is truly community led through a CEP Working Group made up of community members, leadership, elders and youth who guide the process. The major community engagement session of the CEP is a Community Energy Visioning Workshop where participants are asked to participate in a number of activities that help to paint the picture of the community’s energy future. The outcomes from the workshop then determine which projects are best suited for the community and shout be studied further through the CEP process.


Solar Project Design and Assessment

FNPA provides solar designs for individual, community, commercial or residential buildings. These designs will show how much solar can fit on the roof, how much production could come from that solar installation, and the estimated cost to install. Price is per building.


Community Energy Project Procurement
(Partnership Identification Process – PIP)

FNPA provide procurement and project management services for community-scale renewable energy projects. With our large number of industry members, FNPA helps to ensure General Members gets the best project partner for their project installations. FNPA would develop and manage the procurement process along with the community’s leadership and staff. Price to be determined based on number of buildings and size of project.


Renewable Energy Financial Modelling

FNPA provides financial modelling for renewable energy projects. The price of financial modelling is based on the size and scale of projects. Discussion on specific financial modelling requirements will be had prior to a proposal being sent to you.


Partnership Identification Process (PIP)

FNPA assists Indigenous organizations or Industry members in finding a suitable partner for a renewable energy project through our Partnership Identification Process (PIP). The PIP is a competitive process that creates partnerships between Indigenous communities and Industry that fosters successful Indigenous-led renewable energy projects.


Pre-Feasibility Assessments for Energy Projects

In any utility-scale renewable energy opportunity, the first step is to have a strong understanding of the technical and economic feasibility. FNPA can assist with a pre-feasibility assessment for any renewable energy project including: solar, wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal, flare gas or waste heat projects.


Business Planning for Energy Projects

Once a pre-feasibility assessment has been completed, a community or economic development organization may request FNPA’s assistance with developing a business plan. A business plan is foundational for decision makers and funding organizations to better understand the benefits of the project.