FNPA and SaskPower First Nations Engagement Program Phase 1

Two Zone Pilot Sessions

In 2020, SaskPower and First Nations Power Authority (FNPA) developed a framework for undertaking proper Nation to Nation Engagement. The initial Phase 1 Meeting of Treaty 4 Leadership took place in Southeastern Saskatchewan on September 22 and 23, 2020, with Chiefs and Councilors from 13 First Nations, alongside 11 attendees from SaskPower, eight with FNPA, two session co-chairs, and other attendees were at one or both sessions held in Regina.


Meeting in the Middle

SaskPower and First Nations Power Authority’s Meeting in the Middle Engagement Strategy and Action Plan process was structured to reflect the nature of long-term relationships in clean energy options, the relationship between First Nations and Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations and what this relationship can cultivate towards a Clean Energy Future in Saskatchewan.

First Nations Power Authority set out a number of foundational principles to assist SaskPower in developing a number of commitments and actions towards building a stronger relationship with Indigenous people, communities, and businesses.

Key Observations from First Nations Treaty 4 Leadership Engagement Meeting

First Nations Power Authority prepared a report on the FNPA SaskPower First Nations Engagement Program for the Initial Meeting of Treaty 4 Leadership. There were several key observations noted from the two discussions which fell under the following nine themes:

  • Public Health and Engagement
  • First Nations Communities
  • Education Attainment
  • Environment
  • Major Projects
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • First Nations and Business
  • SaskPower Indigenous Partnerships
  • FNPA & SaskPower

Discussions took place on a number of topics regarding power, the environment, historical challenges and consequences of colonialism on Indigenous communities, the significance of meaningful engagement, connections through FNPA and SaskPower to First Nations, as well as the opportunities for First Nation communities and businesses in Saskatchewan’s power future.

An illustration of the twenty-four key observations noted from the two session discussions is presented in the graphic.


Recommendations from First Nations Treaty 4 Leadership Engagement Meeting

Based on the engagement sessions FNPA provided recommendations future planning and follow-up with SaskPower, such as further discussions in other parts of Saskatchewan. Any future engagements will adhere to both national and provincial guidelines and be conducted in a safe and meaningful manner.