Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment

Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment (REOA) is a smaller scale than a full Community Energy Planning (CEP), a REOA looks at the usage from a select group of buildings and determines a plan for energy efficiency and conservation as well as offsetting energy costs through building-scale renewable energy projects. The assessment includes the energy profile for each of the buildings and recommendations to implement to reduce energy usage and costs.

Cost Range

$8,500 to $20,000

Recent Projects

Ochapowace First Nation REOA

Ochapowace First Nation  Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment Background Ochapowace First Nation requested the assistance of FNPA to analyze the usage of electricity in their community buildings and understand how much [...]

Cowessess First Nation REOA

Cowessess First Nation  Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment  Background In 2018, Cowessess First Nation was seeking assistance with understanding how much solar would be required to offset the electricity usage in [...]