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Primarily we are helical pile contractors offering foundation solutions for a wide range of projects including solar, wind, transmission line, cable trench projects, etc.

We are a Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB) with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). Stan Higgins, the President and Owner of VersaPile has been working with Indigenous Peoples across Canada for 20 years in various capacities. Inspired to by many Indigenous communities’ need to improve housing and foster economic development, Stan founded VersaPile and the First Foundations Program.

VersaPile, Inc. is highly passionate about its work with Indigenous communities while competing strongly in the helical pile contractor space. We are experts in our trade and are ISNetworld Contractor Members with the ability to work safely on any project site.

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Our purpose is to disrupt the status quo.

We are focused on people development in order to create a company that raises the bar for the piling industry.

We have a passion to improve the quality of Indigenous Housing in Canada with an approach that fosters local economic and people development.

for building things that matter.

Mission Statement

We have 5 Core Values which form the DNA of our company.

  • Go the extra mile
  • Do the right thing, even if it hurts
  • Be like ants
  • Continuously raise the bar
  • Helpful and friendly


We currently do have any formal partnerships or joint ventures. However, we have strong alliances and collaborations with various helical pile manufacturers and contractors as well as a national engineering network.

Business Model

Our business model to date has been steady and sustainable growth. We could have gone much harder out of the gates but there is something to be said about slow gradual growth where you push yourselves but without overextending yourselves.
We compete for mainstream similar to other piling contractors, offering turnkey helical pile contracting services from pre-construction design and testing to pile installation and close-outs. Today, we are Manitoba’s most capable helical pile contractor with a wide range of equipment to install piles for decks all the way to transmission line towers or multi-story commercial buildings.

Our company, founded in 2011 has always had the vision to work in collaboration with Indigenous communities to contribute to higher quality, sustainable and healthy homes and infrastructure that lasts for generations. Furthermore, our intention has always been to work in a collaborative effort to help Indigenous communities participate in and even lead the work in the area of helical piles. Our First Foundations initiative has proven successful in helping equip, train and support Indigenous communities to install engineered foundations with local equipment and workers.

Why VersaPile Inc?

Many of the reasons to look to helical piles for a project boils down to the versatility they offer. We would argue that helical piles offer more versatility than any other piling solution on the market. As contractors, we also pride ourselves on our versatility to offer value engineered pile solutions for nearly any project. Of course, it was a very clever play on the word, you must admit!

Recent Projects (First Foundations Projects)

  1. Ininew & Iron North – 11 Homes in Tetaskweyak Cree Nation (Split Lake, MB) – Nov. 2020 – Value $162,000
  2. Keewatin Tribal Council – Recycling Centre in Bunibonibee Cree Nation (Oxford House, MB) – July 2020 – Value $93,000
  3. Mushkegowuk Council – 7 Duplexes in Fort Albany (5), Kashechewan (1) and Attawapiskat (1) – April 2018 – Value $220,000
  4. Forthright Ventures – 8 Multi-Family Apartment Blocks, West St. Paul, MB, August 2020 – Value $1,000,000
  5. Team Power Solutions – Enbridge project in Gretna, MB – Aug. 2020 – Value $46,000
  6. Concord Projects – Academy Lanes Condo Conversion in Winnipeg, MB – Mar. 2020 – $110,000

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