We are a company built on reputation, trust, and quality. We currently serve Southern Saskatchewan, but we also travel for certain projects.

We specialize in small to large-scale commercial/industrial construction projects.
We service all types of commercial, industrial, and residential clients Whether it is a new development or a revitalization of an existing area.  Our company is 100% Indigenous-owned and registered with the Government of Canada.

Business Model

We have a commitment to workmanship that is unparalleled. Since being founded in 2011, our caliber of work has not gone unnoticed.  We have been recognized on several different award platforms and testimonials. Some of these include a commitment to punctuality, workmanship, versatility, and the ability to meet deadlines.


We currently do not have any partnerships, but we will certainly consider entertaining one if a fitting opportunity arises. We will handle every aspect of your prospected project, doing the job right the first time


Having dealt with projects on all levels we feel we are a great fit for many scopes of a construction project.    We focus on all levels of concrete construction, which include piles, foundations, concrete pads, floors, and all flatwork. We also offer site preparation services.  From rough grading and excavation to the finishing touches.

We always love being part of our fellow Indigenous communities.   There is no better feeling than helping or being part of a community that is in the process of building economic independence while also building its portfolio.  Having been a part of the construction of affordable housing projects we have seen how even the little things can be life-changing for many people.

Recent Projects

  1. Peepeekisis Cree Nation (Buffalo Gas and Convenience store)
  2. Regina Treaty Status Indian Services (new building construction for ceremonial usage)
  3. City of Regina (Substantial earth stabilization project)
  4. Silver Sage Housing – New multi-unit housing project
  5. And several other projects with municipalities and developers ranging in all sizes

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