Sustainable Project Partners Consulting Inc.

We are a Calgary based energy consulting company focused on helping develop community clean energy projects in Canada.

We support the feasibility analysis, project development, public engagement, permitting, proposal submissions, and contract negotiation of community energy projects. We help originate projects, programs, investment opportunities and bring to reality energy projects that are both innovative and creative but most importantly: have a positive impact on society, the environment and economic interests.

Founded in 2020 by Dave Carscadden, Sustainable Project Partners brings proven experience to energy projects. Dave has great respect for the earth and would be proud to work with you on your community energy-related project.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Customer Happiness

Project Innovation

Long Term Planning


Our purpose is to support the development of clean energy and other electricity industry projects such as district energy and smart grid solutions in Canada.


We value collaboration and working as part of a team. We believe all projects that impact the earth should be thoroughly planned and include active community engagement from the early stages. We value the environment and are working towards helping reduce emissions in the electricity sector by supporting the development of clean energy projects.


We are actively looking to find partners to work with and welcome the opportunity to discuss projects with others.

Business Model

We are a for-profit consulting firm, and we earn revenue by charging clients for our services. This can be an hourly rate base, commission or bonus structure, milestone fee or project-based fee, retainer or any other form of payment structure is agreeable.

We work with clients to solve problems as a team, and sometimes utilize the support of other consultants.

We focus on flexibility in our business model and have the ability to adapt quickly to the changing demands of our customers.

Why Sustainable Project Partners Consulting Inc.?

The name “Sustainable Project Partners” puts together the three words that we believe is our entire focus and reason for being in business.

Sustainable = Our goal is to remain a business constantly throughout time, focusing on consulting on projects that are beneficial to humans and the environment. We are trying to build a long-lasting company that can continue to help clients with projects that are based upon the goal of being more Sustainable.

Project = Each opportunity we work on is unique and we treat each one differently. We use past experiences to help guide ideas, and use local knowledge for each project to increase the overall success. The word project is at the center of our name because we believe good consulting involves a laser focus on the Project at hand. We are a hard-working company and each project becomes the center of our work.

Partners = Our goal is to be considered a partner in each project we are involved in. We would be proud to be involved in all of our projects for the life of the project and be trusted as a long-term partner. Whether we are working on a short-term project or a long-term project, we will always act as Partners to ensure success for all.

Recent Infrastructure Projects

  1. Land lease agreement review and comment to support client’s preparation to lease land for solar projects in the US.
  2. Project developer, land agent and executive training presentation on the topic of solar energy project development and land acquisition process.
  3. Prior to starting Sustainable Project Partners, our founder Dave was a senior project developer at Saturn Power Inc., and successfully originated and developed nine notable solar energy projects in three Countries between 2016-2020
    1. Highfield Solar Project, Saskatchewan. This project is expected to be built by 2021 and was awarded a PPA from SaskPower in 2018.
    2. Bermuda Airport Solar Project, Bermuda. Awarded a PPA from the Bermuda Government in 2017.
    3. Rural Electric Cooperative Solar Portfolio, Texas. Consisted of seven individual projects totalling 7MW. The development included five electric cooperative distribution utilities who owned the land and acted as the Buyer for the solar energy output from the facilities. The projects were awarded through a request for proposals called Shine Texas RFP run by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in 2018.

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