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Summit is a professional environmental consulting and services company with the experience and capability to support you in obtaining the regulatory approvals required for permitting your renewable energy, power generation and transmission projects. We can help you assess the environmental impact of your power projects and provide valuable recommendations to mitigate potential effects. We offer professional consulting services that focus on the preservation and restoration of our natural environment while working within the boundaries of economic feasibility, making Summit a valued partner throughout your process.

Summit, incorporated in August of 2005, is comprised of approximately 180 professionals across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our multi-disciplined team of remarkable personnel represent an equally diverse set of experience and qualifications. Summit fosters a workplace culture that is inclusive and respectful of all people. We value the cultures, traditions, and rights of Indigenous Peoples, and we recognize that we all have a role in the journey to reconciliation.

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Respectful – Summit people are kind, considerate, unpretentious and respectful in all that we do.

Collaborative – We know that collaboration is essential, and we expect it internally and externally with trusted partners to drive efficiencies for our customers’ projects and to position ourselves for success and future opportunities.

Growth Oriented – Our company’s growth will come from integrating more of our services with existing customers, value selling to new customers and by means of strategic acquisitions, in Canada and around the world.

Pragmatic – With the safety of our people always in the forefront of our activities, we manage projects sensibly and realistically, and emphasize practical considerations.


To be a leading provider of professional consulting and services; creating value for customers, stakeholders and rights holders while fostering challenge and reward in our workplace.

Business Model

Summit is an environmental services provider serving the energy and utilities, oil and gas, resources and mining and industrial sectors. We offer a turn-key approach to professional consulting and services that focuses on the preservation and restoration of our natural environment. Summit is comprised of registered professionals in agrology, geology, ecology, chemistry and biology, and is a member of APEGA and ABSA.

Why Summit Earth?

Summit has three Uniques which together, make us distinct from our competitors.

Strategically Diversified & Integrated: We designed Summit with diverse skills, expertise and service capabilities that are unmatched by our peers. We integrated these services to provide turnkey or compartmentalized services based on the individual needs and requirements of the companies we work with. In addition, we have an extensive geographical footprint.

Personable and Responsive: Summit takes pride in our well-earned reputation for being personable and responsive at every level – starting with our founders. We promote these values throughout our culture, and we hire people who embody them.

Progressive: Summit has always been innovative and forward-looking. We advocate for progress, change, and continuous improvement, and we challenge the status quo. We look for opportunities to innovate, design and create, and we are dedicated to refining all aspects of our business. The evolution of our company and the innovations we have patented or embraced along the way are evidence of our determination to always progress.

Recent Projects

NaturEner Canada Inc. – East Palliser Transmission Project

Completed baseline environmental studies for sharp-tailed grouse leks, and wildlife species at risk breeding and nesting sites (e.g., burrowing owl, long-billed curlew, ferruginous hawk) along the proposed transmission line route.

Rising Edge Technologies – 250P Bighorn Equipment Upgrade and P&C Major

Provided client a Mitigation Plan for the proposed construction activities, and completed bi-weekly environmental inspections to help the client meet the requirements identified in their Environmental Protection Plan and the Mitigation Plan.

Rising Edge Technologies 1012s Deerhill Substation

Completed environmental inspections during site construction and provided recommendations. Also provided guidance and assistance for erosion control installation on an exposed hillside.

Sky Harvest Energy Corporation – Lucky Lake Wind Farm

Participated in baseline environmental studies for terrestrial components (i.e., birds, amphibians, bats) for a proposed wind farm site.

Peace River Hydro Project – Site C

General environmental monitoring during construction activities for spills onsite as well as coordinating clean-ups of acid rock and cement mixing sites to be in compliance with the Project’s Environmental Protection Plan commitments.

Summit also provided a Fisheries Biologist onsite with the Registered Professional Biologist credentials from British Columbia’s College of Applied Biology to facilitate fish salvage operations, instream monitoring, and emergency rip-rap reconstruction activities.

SaskPower International Centennial Wind Power Facility Bird and Bat Monitoring Project

Two-year post-construction monitoring project. Project focused on carcass searches, searcher efficiency trials (including using dogs for carcass searches), scavenger impact trials, breeding bird surveys, nest site monitoring, and incidental bird observations. Statistical analyses completed included probability of a strike and total strike analyses.

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