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Prairie Sun Solar is a Saskatchewan rooted company with local integrity. We have a demonstrated history of solar panel installations in Saskatchewan with our company completing over 2.5MW over the last 2 years. Our biggest accomplishment is that we have installed over 7000 solar panels while maintaining a great relationship with all of our former clients and still know each and every one by name today. We are happy to provide free solar assessments for our clients and educate them with information packages that include system design costs, return on investment, grants and rebate applications, installation, and future maintenance.

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Our goal is to provide expertise, advice, and information for our clients to make informed and educated decisions on solar energy, energy management and green energy initiatives.

Sustainability is as important as ever – Prairie Sun Solar is your all-around energy experts that can help you meet your green initiatives and help you save on your bottom line to make your business, house, and community more economically friendly.

By working hand in hand with Prairie Sun Solar, you are gaining access to a team that understands the complete energy portfolio. This will not only allow us to design your system for increased solar capacity in the upcoming years but also will give options for incorporating battery storage and other feasible peak and demand shaving methods. Prairie Sun Solar has built a strong relationship with many manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, and racking equipment. We have first-hand experience with understanding which products work best in the Saskatchewan climate as well as which manufacturers have local technical support in the event of a product needing service or needing replacement parts. The project can then have several options for increased production of the system, lowering the cost of the system with optimal layouts and designing for the most efficient maintenance schedule possible.

We not only want to help First Nation communities become more sustainable, but we want to educate community members on how solar works and how it is installed so that they can be self-sufficient when it comes to installing energy-saving solar systems for years to come on their own.

Business Model

Our business model aims to serve communities, businesses, corporations, not-for-profits, individuals, and the agricultural community. We have engineers, journeyman electricians, journeyman roofers, and years of experience in the solar industry that allows us to leave the Jobsite with satisfied customers.

Our main leadership group consists of 3 Saskatchewan-born community leaders who are dedicated to serving Western Canada in the clean energy field for years to come.


Prairie Sun Solar prides itself on doing the job right and doing what is best for the client.

Integrity, compassion, respectful, reliable, and dedicated to our profession.


  • SaskPower Energy Efficiency Partners
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Regina Chamber of Commerce

Why Prairie Sun Solar?

Prairie Sun Solar is a dependable company that has local grass roots in Saskatchewan with all of our owners being born in the province.

The prairies are close to our heart and being a family-orientated group, we are not here to just install solar panels but to try and make a difference in the lives that we come across and build a stronger relationship with every meeting we have with our customers.

At the end of the day, we care deeply about the work that we do and the people that we work with.

Prairie Sun Solar Projects

  1. Kawacatoose First Nation 100KW Solar Project on Community School(Asiniw-Kisik Education Complex)
  2. SaskWater 100KW Ground Mount System @ Cory Booster Pump Station outside of Saskatoon
  3. Zagime First Nation Solar and Battery Watering System for Bison
  4. Kawacatoose First Nation Water Treatment Plant 26kW
  5. Richard Tilson Agricultural Solar System Moose Jaw, SK 64kW
  6. Kawacatoose First Nation – Band Office – 31kW

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