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At Powertec we are an award-winning install company and stand proudly behind every install with a solid warranty program. We make sure to do a full feasibility analysis for all potential clients before moving forward with a job. Not only does this help determine whether you will see a positive return on investment from a solar system install, but it also helps identify what type of products you need.

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Our mission is to provide high quality solar solutions, systems and customer service to our clients at affordable prices.

Powertec Solar Inc. is a division of Powertec Electric Inc., which means, we are an electrical company that does solar, not a solar company trying to do electrical-based work. This is an especially important distinction, as work is done by trained electricians educated in professional aspects of great service and dependable work.

Powertec Solar Inc. is a top choice for grid-tied solar systems, grid-tied with battery, off-grid solar, microgrid community scale as well as commercial and institutional projects.


Our core values are:

  • Energy independence
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Economic savings

Business Model

Our business model is based around providing value. We help our clients design the most efficient systems, source the equipment that best suits their needs for a competitive price, and install and configure this equipment to perform optimally over its intended life.

We believe in long term relationships, and continue to provide ongoing support to our clients when needed. We’re in business for win-win relationships, and that’s how we’ve been able to grow to the size we are today.


We believe in and value deep relationships with our landowners, Aboriginal groups, municipalities, suppliers, lenders, shareholders, and entrepreneurs. We have a reputation of doing what we say we will do and being upfront and honest in our dealings with others. We demand the same in return from our partners. Because of this, people have sought us out as partners. We are who you want to work with.

We are always looking for opportunities and partners on renewable power projects.

Why Powertec Solar?

We felt that Powertec Solar was expressive of our commitment to helping individuals, companies and communities alike take charge of their energy production.

Recent Projects

  1. City of Dauphin – 2020: 50kW Grid-Tie System in Manitoba
  2. Manitoba VHF Towers – 2020: 6 Off Grid Systems, each with 22 400W panels and 24 batteries.
  3. Mint Self Storage – 2019: 200.1kW
  4. Manitoba Dairy Farm – 2019: 168kW

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