Onion Lake Cree Nation

Onion Lake Cree Nation is a Plains Cree First Nations band government in Canada, Straddling the Alberta/Saskatchewan provincial border approximately 50 km(31 mi) north of the City of Lloydminster. It is within Alberta’s County of Vermilion River and Saskatchewan’s Rural Municipality of Frenchman Butee No. 501 at the intersection of Highway 17 and Alberta Highway 641/Saskatchewan Highway 797.

Who We Are?

Onion Lake is a Cree nation with 2,408 of the band’s 4,003 members living on reserve.

Where We Are

Onion Lake is located in the Treaty 6 territory on 57,737.5 ha of reserve land, situated 50 km north of Lloydminster.

The Onion Lake Reserve straddles the Saskatchewan-Alberta border, making it Canada’s only border Cree Nation.

Key Accomplishments

Onion Lake Cree Nation has a number of business partnerships as well as many of their own ventures. Some of the Nation’s notable departments related to the industry:

  • Business Development Corporation
  • Lands
  • Onion Lake Energy

Skills & Services

Onion Lake Cree Nation has the capacity and equipment to participate in the build out of many projects. Business Development Corporation consists of eight companies:

  • All Nations Building Supplies
  • Askiy Apoy Hauling Ltd.
  • Beretta Pipeline Construction
  • Makaoo Mall Developments Ltd.
  • Onion Lake Gas Co-op Ltd.
  • Onion Lake Enterprises Ltd.
  • Onion Lake Oil Well Servicing
  • Onion Lake Vaccum & Pressure

Why Onion Lake Cree Nation?

Onion Lake Cree Nation has the capacity and equipment to participate in the build out of many projects. The Onion Lake First Nation has educational facilities, a modern health centre, and indoor/outdoor sports facilities. There are both band-owned and privately owned businesses on reserve, providing the community with essential services and employing both residents and non-residents.

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