Ochapowace First Nation

The Ochapowace Nation is a Cree First Nation in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. Our mission is to provide our people of Ochapowace Nation with:

  • High quality services
  • A profitable economic base
  • Protection of our inherent rights and way of life
  • Guidance and fulfillment of our treaties.

Who We Are

The Ochapowace Nation is a Cree First Nation in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. We are a unified, proud, and prosperous sovereign nation.

Where We Are

The band currently holds 18,279.7 ha of land; most of its population is located 8 km northeast of Broadview, with 564 of the 1,382 band members currently living on reserve. In addition to their controlling interest in Consolidated Capital Corporation, a high-quality beef program, the band has several major economic investments, the newest being the Winn Bay Sand Limited Partnership (2004).

Key Accomplishments
  • Ochapowace Ski Resort
  • Ochapowace Business Park
  • Band Farm Ltd.
  • Camp McKay

Why Ochapowace First Nation?

Our leaders and staff use our vision and the guiding words in fulfilling “Prosperity and Sovereignty” for our Nation. We define these works as looking for business opportunities to build a local economy for a healthier community. Our strategic building blocks for the creation of self-sustaining growth opportunities include:

  1. Capitalizing on the use of our assets which is our people, our land, our capital, and our investments.
  2. Invest in our people training and development to create future leaders to help build a healthy and self-sustaining community for our youth.
  3. Create, strategic partnerships that drive local economic growth within the community
  4. Align our growth strategy with our traditional values

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