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At Meridian, we are passionate about solar energy and the sustainable investment that it offers. We are a Saskatchewan based, Indigenous company. Our team of trusted electricians are capable of handling any electrical task that you require. With top-quality workmanship, personalized customer service, and down-home Saskatchewan roots, we strive to do all of our work in a timely and professional manner. Based in Radville, Saskatchewan and always willing to travel, we are quickly becoming known across the province as an honest Saskatchewan solar power company.


Solar Photovoltaics-Grid Tied

Solar Photovoltaics-Off Grid

Electrical Contracting

Solar Design, Consulting and Grant Writing


Solar and renewables are quickly becoming extremely important in the future of the energy sector in the province. We strongly believe in the power of the sun and its offerings.

Power savings can be primary motivations for pursuing energy development, while investing in solar energy fuels the local economy, and provides opportunities for the people. Clean energy helps to reduce emissions and alleviate climate change effects on the future generation, as well as saving money. We strongly focus on top quality service and procurement.


We strive to bring our customers the highest quality service and equipment while making the most economical choices for their investment. Innovation in renewables and technology is important to us in order to grow and adapt to the rapid changes happening within the industry. We are entrepreneurial, and strive to reach beyond our boundaries and take risks that enhance our operation and knowledge.

Integrity through reputation and honesty in finding the best solutions for all customers. We are open-minded, ethical and genuine.

Business Model

Meridian Solar & Electric has extensive experience in installation and innovation in power renewables. We focus on high-end installation and procurement and are expanding our market toward the utility solar sector. As we align ourselves with larger companies, our strategy for profitability includes increased buying power for large procurement amounts to lower costs. Sales efforts directed at large scale projects within Saskatchewan and beyond.

Inclusion of training and providing jobs to those residing within the job site community. Providing training, and teaching skills needed to continue maintenance upkeep, future education and growth for the Indigenous community for years after the job has been completed.


We have maintained our goals of connecting with those companies, contractors, and entrepreneurs that attain the same goals and values of Meridian Solar & Electric. We are a part of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business; we have worked with the Clarence Campeau Development Fund and continue to be connected with them. We have worked with SMEDCO, and we are an Efficiency Partner with SaskPower. We consistently look for opportunities for renewable projects and partnerships.

Why Meridian Solar & Electric Inc?

We chose Meridian in the title of our name, due to the fact that within the jargon of astronomers and celestial navigators, the location of our local meridian is an imaginary semi-circle that crosses your sky’s dome from due north to due south. The sun crosses your local meridian – the imaginary semicircle that crosses the sky from due north to due south – at local noon. The local meridian for each of us is when the sun is at its highest peak—the optimal time of day for solar sun hours.

Recent Projects

  1. RM of the Gap-Village of Ceylon Generator & ATS Installation
  2. Meikle Project, Tumbler Ridge, BC (61 Turbines, 180 Mw)
  3. Birg Grain Farm Solar Array-Wilcox, SK
  4. South View Ranch Solar Array-Ceylon, SK
  5. Ottercreek Outfitters South Solar Array-Spiritwood, SK
  6. RM of the Gap-Village of Ceylon Generator & ATS Installation
  7. RM of Laurier #38-Cold Storage Facility Wiring-Radville, SK

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