J. D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited

Regina-based consulting firm that specializes in terrain analysis, geological and geotechnical engineering, environmental, remote sensing, GIS and geospatial analysis, and stakeholder engagement services. The firm draws on the 54-year legacy of its predecessor, the original J.D. Mollard and Associates Limited, which was founded in 1956 by Dr. J.D. (Jack) Mollard, a world-renowned expert and pioneer in air photo and satellite imagery interpretation for engineering and geoscience applications. Current President, Lynden Penner, began working with Dr. Mollard in 1986 and assumed responsibility for the firm in 2010.

The company currently employs 9 professional staff with experience in geological and geotechnical engineering, geology, earth science, hydrogeology, physical geography, biology, remote sensing, GIS and terrain analysis. JDMA personnel have carried out over 5,000 consulting assignments for government, academia and private industry, across Canada and throughout the world. We have even worked for NASA, studying surface features on the planet Mars.

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A leader in multidisciplinary earth science and terrain analysis for over 60 years, we pride ourselves on a positive culture built around well-qualified, experienced and amiable staff; an inclusive, open work environment; and delivery of high quality professional services in geological and geotechnical engineering, geoscience, physical geography, water resources, environmental science, remote sensing and geospatial analysis.

Motivated by an attitude of service, our primary corporate objectives are:

  • To meet client needs with effective, efficient and professional technical services.
  • To provide meaningful careers in an atmosphere that allows employees to foster positive relationships with clients, colleagues and family.
  • To return a portion of our time and financial resources to worthwhile causes in the community.

Affiliated Organizations

  • Associations of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba,
  • Northwest Territories and Nunavut
  • Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Saskatchewan
  • Canadian Geotechnical Society
  • Canadian Dam Association
  • Saskatchewan Geological Society
  • First Nations Power Authority
  • Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
  • Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association

Business Model

Deliver high quality professional engineering and geoscience services, keeping projects moving forward, on time & on budget. Collaborating with other contractors and service providers where needed to fully meet client needs.


Inspired by the pioneering spirit and legacy of our founder, our core values are excellence, integrity, innovation and service.

We expect our work and our service to be exceptional. Our pursuit of excellence ensures that our clients can depend on high quality work and that our staff experiences personal growth and continued education.

We pride ourselves on providing inventive and resourceful solutions to meet our client’s needs. This spirit of innovation is born from a curiosity of emerging technologies, from multi-disciplinary collaboration amongst staff and with outside experts, and from a desire to use our knowledge and skills creatively to optimize time and money while delivering the best solutions possible.

Driven by a sense of duty to serve our clients and community with integrity and good faith, we maintain honesty and transparency in all interactions, accept responsibility for our actions and the work we produce, and advance knowledge and understanding in the fields in which we work.

We value strong long-term relationships with our clients. We are devoted to providing outstanding service where loyalty, honesty, respect and professionalism are held paramount. We believe that our clients are entitled to clear communication, fair consulting fees and sound, quality work.

Why J. D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited?

J.D. Mollard and Associates Limited was founded in 1956 by Dr. J.D. (Jack) Mollard, a world-renowned expert and pioneer in air photo and satellite imagery interpretation for engineering and geoscience applications. In 2010, Jack resigned as President of the firm and, having worked together for 24 years, offered current President Lynden Penner an opportunity to carry on company operations under J.D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited. Dr. Mollard passed away in September 2017 at the age of 93.

Typical Clients
Federal and Provincial Governments, Crown Corporations, First Nations, Rural Municipalities, Engineering and Environmental Firms, Contractors, Resource Developers and Private Individuals

Recent Projects

  1. Geotechnical site assessment for several wind power projects in southern Saskatchewan
  2. Geotechnical site assessment for a solar power development site in southwestern Saskatchewan
  3. Transmission line routing studies in southern and northern Saskatchewan, including route selection, GIS mapping and data management and stakeholder engagement
  4. Geophysical surveys to map unmarked graves and a historical mass burial site on a Saskatchewan First Nation
  5. Route selection, terrain and aggregate source mapping for a First Nation’s led all weather road project in northern Ontario
  6. Geohazard assessment and development of a Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP) for a construction access road in British Columbia

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