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Green Cat Renewables are a renewable energy focused consultancy, we were founded in the United Kingdom during the early 2000’s. During the company’s early years, we chiefly supported farmers with the development of small utility scale (<10MW) renewable energy developments. We have experience providing development support to over 400 unique energy projects across technologies including Wind, Solar, Hydro, Battery Storage, Hybrid and Micro-grid energy systems.

Our Canadian operations were established during the Spring of 2017 and have continued to support broad range of clients investigating renewable energies, including community partners (First Nations, Métis, Local Municipalities).

Green Cat provided development support to the first wholly owned community energy project in the United Kingdom and are now providing support to a range of community developments in Canada in provinces including Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon.

Our key deliverables and services include:

  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • Resource Assessments
  • Interconnection Management and Design
  • Permitting and Technical Studies (Noise Impact Assessment, Solar Glare Hazard Analysis, Shadow Flicker Assessment)
  • Stakeholder and Public Engagement
  • Engineering Design
  • Tendering and Procurement Services
  • Owners Engineer and Construction Management
  • Due Diligence

    Community Energy

    Development Support




    The company was established with the ethos of driving down the costs associated with renewable energy development. Our top-to-tail full service offering in house reduces the need for subcontracting of works, reducing cost and eliminating risk from projects. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients realizes their energy goals, through provision of high-quality services.


    Green Cat Renewables are proud that community scale renewable energy projects have been the core of our business since inception. Our approach to community developments is highly relationship focused, we consider that understanding the key needs of each community is critical to project success.

    We offer a tailored service to each client that we partner with, focusing on the key requirements for each project, delivering high-quality services for a cost that is appropriate to distributed generation energy projects.

    Business Model


    Recent Projects

    1. Innisfail Solar Project, Alberta, Canada
    2. Aseniwuche Winewak Nation Solar Project, Alberta, Canada
    3. Binn Wind Farm and Battery Energy Storage, Scotland, UK
    4. Haeckel Hill Wind Farm, Yukon, Canada
    5. Drumheller Solar and Storage Project, Alberta, Canada
    6. Île-à-la-Crosse Community Energy Project

    Our company name originates from a play on our founder’s name “Catto”

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