Enerfin Energy Company of Canada Inc.

Enerfín is Elecnor´s wind Farm. Elecnor is one of the leading global corporations in the development and operation of infrastructure projects, renewable energies and new technologies, with a presence in more than 50 countries and a team of 15,000 professionals.

Enerfín contributes its human, technical and financial skills, applied to the management of wind energy investment projects, to all its development stages.

The company’s main fields of operation are as follows:

  • Technical studies: Assessment of wind potential and production studies. Environmental impact studies and environmental monitoring of wind farms. Study and selection of technology. Basic infrastructure and installation projects.
  • Economic and financial
  • Administrative processing of projects.
  • Management of permits and authorizations.
  • Construction and detailed engineering projects.
  • Supervision of “turnkey” construction.
  • Operation and operation management (technical, administrative, accounting and financial).


Wind in Operation (MW)

Wind in Construction or with PPA (MW)

Wind in Advanced Development (MW)

Wind in Early Development (MW)


Enerfín, a company wholly owned by the Elecnor Group, has been active in the wind power sector since 1997 as a developer, investor and integral project manager both in the national and international markets. Following a first phase centred in the domestic market, it began its geographical expansion in 2006 with the commissioning of its first 150 MW in Brazil at the Ventos do Sul wind farms. In parallel to the development of new wind farms in Spain and Brazil, Enerfín expanded to Canada, where in 2013 it began to operate the L’Érable wind farm.

In addition to its continuous development, construction and management activity, in 2015 Enerfín became responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Páramo de Poza I and II wind farms, which include a total of 133 – 750 kW wind turbines Another achievement worth mentioning is the repowering of the Malpica Wind Farm in 2017 where, after 20 years of successful operation, Enerfín replaced 69 old wind turbines, each generating between 225 and 750 kW, with 7 wind turbines of 2.3 MW, thus doubling its energy generation.

Business Model

The business model of Enerfín is based on a solid  portfolio of projects in various stages of development with different time horizons, generating value through the development, construction and management of operations and energy sale, in addition to the provision of services to third party projects.

The model is open to clients/partners, for incorporation throughout different stages  by means of different investment  platforms, which may be either global,  limited to certain geographical markets, linked to a specific asset or operation or even involve the sale of its projects.

This business model enables Enerfín to design a sustainable growth plan based on its own capacity to generate cash from: -Its investments in projects in operation -Its activity providing services -The full or partial disinvestment of some of its projects


In the performance of its business activities, Enerfín not only seeks to boost its economic activity, but also to contribute to the development and progress of society. In addition to renewable energy, its projects create employment, wealth and wellbeing for the regions in which they operate, as well as helping to reduce the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) causing global warming. Enerfín actively promotes social, environmental, safety, governance and innovation initiatives designed to generate value for all internal and external stakeholders.

People at Enerfin

The great strength of Enerfín lies in its people, who day to day help drive the company with their skills, effort and dedication. Enerfín has gradually increased its team over the years to match its growth, and is currently formed by 98 employees in 6 countries. Enerfín supports and encourages the professional growth of its people within the company, and many employees have begun their careers at Enerfín.

It has historically had very low staff turnover, particularly in Spain, although in 2019 the reactivation of the renewables industry, the creation of small developers and a change in the strategy of the large energy groups towards renewable energy has affected this trend.

Our Company

Thanks to the experience and positioning of Enerfín in different markets, the company currently boasts a portfolio of 4,741 MW in various stages of development, as well as the capacity to originate opportunities for the incorporation of new projects. Furthermore, Enerfín manages the production and sale of energy in almost all of its operating assets.

The company has created a committed team of 98 people working in 6 countries, with proven skills and experience to develop, build and operate wind farms. It has achieved recognition and a reputation for excellence in wind farm management, as well as a solid brand image built on the typology and characteristics of its projects (technological excellence and singular design and architecture, as well as environmental and socio-institutional integration).

Recent Projects

  1. Cofrentes: 50 MW Wind Farm, located in Spain.
  2. El Mhumado: 50 MW Wind Farm, located in Columbia.
  3. San Fernando I: 76.2 MW Wind Farm, located in Brazil.
  4. Cofrentes: 50 MW Wind Farm, located in Spain.
  5. El Mhumado: 50 MW Wind Farm, located in Columbia.
  6. San Fernando I: 76.2 MW Wind Farm, located in Brazil.

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