Circle for Aboriginal Relations (CFAR) Society

Professional Network for Liaisons and Interested Parties (Indigenous Community Industry Relations).

The Circle for Aboriginal Relations (CFAR) is a registered non-profit, non-partisan Society of professionals from diverse backgrounds who work within Aboriginal relations groups in communities, governments and industries. CFAR was created in 2004 at a workshop attended by forty liaison professionals with significant experience in Aboriginal relations. As a non-profit society, CFAR has been able to remain a front runner in addressing issues faced by Aboriginal relations liaisons through the generous support of our sponsors and members.

Indigenous Community-Industry Relations (ICIR) Certificate (hours)

Indigenous Community Engagement Citation (hours)

Networking and educational -online/in person (per Year)


  1. Inclusive
  2. Accepting
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Fearless
  5. Innovative
  6. Wholistic
  7. Humble
  8. Open-hearted


Our members, sponsors, and friends are key to our success. Most importantly, ensuring that we engage the wisdom of Elders and Knowledge Holders in our activities is key. Including youth in our organization guarantees our future.


To provide networking and educational opportunities to share our collective knowledge, passion, and experience in building a circle of relatives

Business Model

FAR member benefits include networking and educational events, e-newsletters, the CFAR annual conference and in the future online and website forums. The luncheon and conference presentations provide tools for creating capacity with community-based economic and environmental initiatives; address the question of Aboriginal liaisons’ roles: professionals or technicians, and provide a balanced approach to Indigenous consultation and traditional knowledge policies and implementation. The speakers are chosen for their experience and success stories within Indigenous relations and include community, government and industry representatives.

Our success is your success: networking and sharing knowledge is the key to understanding and building sustainable relationships.

One of the ways CFAR imparts Indigenous knowledge is through the Indigenous Community-Industry Relations (ICIR) Certificate or Indigenous Community Engagement Citation (ICE). The programs align with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. The TRC asks all Canadians to take “steps toward reconciliation, noting that ‘this will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.’

Why Circle for Aboriginal Relations (CFAR) Society?

The circle is a universal symbol of connection, unity, harmony, wholeness, and eternity. In a circle, all parts are equal.

Our vision is focused seven generations into the future, and we learn from our history, seven generations in the past (see far – CFAR)

Recent Industrial Projects

  1. 2019 Evening Celebration and Networking AGM Event in Calgary– Dec 10 – Walk Our Talk with Judge John Reilly
  2. 2019 Breakfast Connections and Film Presentation Event in Calgary – Nov 18 – Treaty Talk, Sharing the River of Life, with Dr. Pat Makokis and guests
  3. 2019 Golf Tournament and Networking Lunch – Aug 16 – in Fort McMurray
  4. 2019 Annual Conference – Conservation – Jun 13th – in Edmonton
  5. 2019 Golf Tournament – Jun 12th – in Edmonton
  6. 2019 Breakfast Connection – Mar 21 – in Calgary

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