Procurement Support - Partnership Identification Process (PIP)

FNPA has developed a unique procurement support process called the Partnership Identification Process (PIP). FNPA works with the community to understand the project and then develops a PIP to be sent to all FNPA Industry Members about the project and requesting a proposal and quote. This process helps to ensure that communities get the long-term support they need to make a project successful. The Partnership Identification Process (PIP) was developed by FNPA to help facilitate partnerships and assist General Members with selecting strong partners for success in renewable energy projects. The PIP process is similar to a traditional Request For Proposal (RFP), but ensures that the process is completed organically and collaboratively to ensure Indigenous communities, businesses and organizations are able to build their capacity in renewable energy development and have strong partners to help them do so.

Cost Range

$8,500 to $10,000

Recent Projects

Cote First Nation SDPS

Cote First Nation Solar Design and Procurement Support Background FNPA continues to work with Cote First Nation on the development of a net-metered solar project at the Cote Market. The [...]