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Naveco Power Inc.

Winner of the 2019 Rising Star Award for excellence in energy efficiency, Naveco Power is a New Brunswick-based renewable energy developer. Naveco is committed to developing projects that benefit the economy and community. They focus on projects ranging from wind, solar, and storage.

Energy Provided (homes)
CO2 reduction (cars off the road)
Jobs Created
New Brunswick (Utility scale Project)

About Naveco Power Inc.

Recent Projects

  • Chaleur Ventus: 20 MW Wind Farm, located in Anse-Bleue, NB.

  • 82 Westmorland Retrofit: Energy efficient retrofit of commercial office space to reduce energy bill by 50%

Recent Proposals

  • 600-700 kw solar project proposal for recreation facility

  • 100-200 kw solar project proposal for a school

  • 100 kw solar project proposal for a municipality

  • 40 MW wind project proposal

  • 200 MW continued research on potential wind project

  • 20 MW wind project proposal

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