Project Description

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation is a progressive band that owns and manages a total of 35,123 acres in urban and rural lands. These lands are used for community living, agriculture, recreation and business. Muskeg Lake’s affairs are managed by the Chief and Council and informed by Cree Law. The Chief and Council meet twice a month to consult and make decisions about the community and the band’s businesses. An elder also attends each meeting.

About Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

Why Muskeg Lake Cree Nation?

The leaders in Muskeg Lake empower community members to create opportunities for themselves to grow personally and economically. Running a business develops responsibility in the individual while generating funds for both the individual and the community.

With 15 acres of undeveloped urban reserve land we continue to look for opportunities to create partnerships in the development of the property.

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