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Genalta Power Inc.

Genalta Power converts underutilized energy sources into power. We develop long term partnerships focused on building, owning, operating & maintaining distributed power generation facilities. Genalta has successfully installed 65 MW over 9 projects using this partnership-based approach.

Genalta’s team utilizes a rigorous process for developing highly efficient solutions that benefit both our partners, the environment, and the communities where we operate.

We don’t sell equipment; we invest in customized solutions to our partners’ problems that create value from otherwise wasted energy resources.

Genalta Power always takes a site-specific approach using tried and tested technology. We pick the best technology for a given energy source.

Genalta Power deploys up to 100% of the capital for its projects with the goal that its partners can focus on their core business.

We take pride in long term solutions that create economic value, benefit communities and utilize otherwise wasted energy sources.

About Genalta Power Inc.

Why Genalta?

Generating Alternative Power – Genalta Power

Genalta has successfully owned, designed, built and operated independent power production facilities fueled by a variety of energy sources including excess or unused energy such as flare gas, stranded gas and waste heat.

Genalta’s largest flare gas to power projects

  • Cadotte Lake Alberta 3 MW Flare gas to Power

  • Cadotte Lake Alberta 1 MW Flare Gas to Power

  • Cadotte Lake Alberta (Galloway) 4 MW Flare Gas to Power

  • West Cadotte Flare Gas to Power 20 MW Flare Gas to Power

Genalta’s Future Projects

  • Carson and Judy Creek 2×15 MW Behind the Fence and excess power to grid solution

  • Judy Creek Waste Heat to Power (2 MW Waste Heat to power)

  • Biomass 10 MW utilizing municipal solid waste

  • Biomass 10 MW utilizing wood waste

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