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Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, we are a private company focused on commercial scale renewable energy development. As an independent renewable power producer, our goal is to sustainably build, own, and operate wind, run-of-river hydroelectric, and solar generation projects across North America.

Our Name, Blue Earth Renewables reflects our approach to energy development: everything is connected, and every choice matters.

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About BluEarth

Why BluEarth?

Earth, our home, when seen from space is a blue and white vision of harmony – water, wind and sunlight, all in constant motion and flow, maintaining a perfect equilibrium that keeps out skies, lakes and oceans healthy and brilliantly blue. Zoom in for a closer look, however, and you find that Earth’s equilibrium is under stress from numerous unsustainable human practices which contributed to pollution, and climate change. We can change these practices and help our Earth maintain its beautiful blue equilibrium – not just for us, but for our children and our children’s children.

Recent Hydro Projects

  • Tyson Creek Hydro Facility

  • McNair Creek Hydro Facility

  • Dasque-Middle Hydro Facility

  • Culliton Creek Hydro Facility

Recent Wind & Solar Projects

  • Loyalist Solar Facility

  • Bull Creek Wind Facility

  • St. Columbian Wind Facility

  • Goodlight Solar Facility

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