Pesakastew Solar Project 

Solar Project


The Pesâkâstêw Solar Project is a 10 MW solar farm in development in the Rural Municipality of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, approximately 4 km southwest of the city of Weyburn on land with low environmental sensitivity. The project is set to be operational by 2020, supplying clean energy to the Saskatchewan electrical grid. 

This project will require approximately 85-100 acres (34-41 ha) of land and will connect directly to the SaskPower substation adjacent to the site. The project will be able to provide electricity to approximately 2,400 homes and, in doing so, will displace 18,860 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually.

  • Project Owner: Starblanket Cree Nation (Red Dog Holdings) George Gordon First Nation (George Gordon Developments)

  • Type: Solar

  • Size: 10MW

  • Industry Partner: Natural Forces Ltd.

  • Launch Date: 2019

  • Status: Current

Project Highlights

Feature Metric
Land usage 85-100 acres
Homes Powered 2,400
Environmental Impact Displace 18,86085 tonnes of CO2 per year
Operational date 2020