Ambassador or Partron

Ambassador or Partron


Large-scale Institutional sponsor. Could include funders, major sponsors, or educational and research institutions.

Membership Benefits

  1. Advocacy and Capacity Building
  2. Fee-For-Service
  3. Sponsorship Education

For more information, please see the description section below.


Membership Benefit #1: Advocacy and Capacity Building

  • Public Promotion and Advocacy for Indigenous Renewable Projects and Partnerships
  • Research and Information on Sector and Industry Trends
  • Community Engagement and Consultation
  • FNPA Web-Portal and Social Media Promotion
  • Training Power 101, 201 and Financing Modules
  • Career Fairs and Career Planning for Renewable Industry
  • Advocacy and Capacity Building

Membership Benefit #2: Access to Fee-For-Service

  • Community Energy Planning
  • Community Energy Resource Assessments and Energy Audits
  • Pre-Feasibility Assessments for Energy Projects
  • Renewable Energy Business and Financial Modelling
  • Community Solar Project Design and Scaling
  • Funding Proposals Grant WritingFee-For-Service

Membership Benefit #3:Sponsorship and Education

  • FNPA Indigenous Green Energy Scholarship Fund
  • Joint Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Student Placements / Internships
  • Youth Summer Camps
  • School Outreach and Learning Events
  • Industry Recruitment and Employment


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