Flying Dust First Nation

Flare Gas Project


In May 2018, FNPA signed their first First Nations Opportunity Agreement (FNOA) with SaskPower. The FNOA document provides guidelines for FNPA to bring a First Nations project to SaskPower to be developed under the Set-aside agreement. FNPA is supporting Flying Dust First Nation (Flying Dust Power Corporation) and their partner, Genalta Power, to develop 20 MW worth of flare gas to power generation in southeastern Saskatchewan.

  • Project Owner: Flying Dust First Nation

  • Type: Flare Gas to Power

  • Size: 20 MW

  • Industry Partner: Genalta Power

  • Lauch Date: May, 2018

  • Status: Current

Project Metrics

Feature Metric
Design Capacity 20MW
Net Capacity 18.8MW (after 6% system loss)
Maximum Operating Hours per year 8,760
Plant Availability Factor 95%
Total Available Energy 156,454MWH per year (18.8MW x 8760 hours per year x .95)
Households Powered 14,172 (156454 divided by 11.04MWh per household year)