FNPA Community-Scale Projects

Community scale projects can be different sizes and different technologies depending on the jurisdiction. In Saskatchewan, community-scale projects can be 100 kW or smaller under the Net-Metering program or 100kW – 1 MW under the Power Generation Partner Program. In Alberta, community-scale projects can be net-metered or can by 5 MW or smaller under the micro-generation program. Community-scale projects are typically defined as smaller than 1 MW where the purpose of the project is to reduce the consumption and electrical costs for a residential home, or community building. Other community-scale projects can include biomass combined heat and power projects at the district heating scale or the building scale. Geothermal (or geoexchange) for heating and cooling is also considered a community-scale project. Community-scale projects can also include energy efficiency and conservation opportunities through retrofits, building energy management systems, storage and behavioural changes. FNPA is always eager to start with energy efficiency and conservation prior to implementing net-metered or community-scale projects.

How fnpa.can help you

  • Navigating the various programs available and interconnection process
  • Project design for solar projects
  • Renewable Energy Opportunity Assessment
  • Economic and financial analysis of community-scale projects
  • Community Energy Planning
  • Project management and procurement support
  • Education, training and workshops at the community level

What Client’s Say

An excellent project conceptualized and implemented by FNPA in partnership with Lockheed Martin.

Tribal Chief Edmund Bellegarde , File Hills Qu’Appelle

FNPA Solar Panels should help with the high cost of keeping the school operating for the year. It will be good to know how much we do save once these panels are in operation.

Chief Bart Tsannie, Hatchet Lake Denesuline First Nation

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