Community Energy Planning

Community Energy Planning (CEP) provides a community with a comprehensive report on the communities baseline energy and emissions profile, an understanding of energy efficiency and conservation opportunities in their community, and finally, opportunities for renewable energy projects at the community level. The CEP is truly community led through a CEP Working Group made up of community members, leadership, elders and youth who guide the process. The major community engagement session of the CEP is a Community Energy Visioning Workshop where participants are asked to participate in a number of activities that help to paint the picture of the community’s energy future. The outcomes from the workshop then determine which projects are best suited for the community and shout be studied further through the CEP process.

Cost Range

$35,000 to $50,000

Recent Projects

Cold Lake 2018 CEP

Cold Lake First Nation Community Energy Plan Background In 2018, FNPA began working with Cold Lake First Nation (CLFN) on developing a Community Energy Plan (CEP) for their community. The [...]

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