6th Annual indigenous clean energy forum

June 27 & 28, 2022

Dakota Dunes Resort, Whitecap Dakota First Nation – Treaty 6 Territory

Day 1                     Day 2                     Chairman’s 10th Anniversary Gala                     Sponsors

6th Annual indigenous clean energy forum

Day 1

7:00 AM

Pipe Ceremony

Dakota Dunes Hotel Amphitheatre Tipi
Invitation of Elders, Participants, Special Guests

8:00 AM

Forum Registration and Welcome Breakfast by Elder Joe Quewezance

Guy Lonechild, President & CEO, FNPA
Chief Cadmus Delorme, Cowessess First Nation
Lyle Whitefish “Kisikaw Pisim”

9:00 AM

Grand Entry

Elders, Veterans, Chiefs, Dignitaries, Conference Sponsors, Dancers

9:30 AM

Territory Welcome Address

Vice-Chief Aly Bear, FSIN

9:45 AM

FNPA Welcome & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Chief Felix Thomas, Chair
Milton Tootoosis, 6th Annual Indigenous Cleaner Energy Forum MC

10:00 AM


10:15 AM

Clean Energy Education- Master of Energy Security

Session Moderator- Elaina Guilmette, University of Saskatchewan
Melissa Beatty, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation
Ronelda Robillard, Hatchet Lake Denesuline First Nation
Heather Bishop, Cold Lake First Nation
Q & A

12:00 PM


12:30 PM

Special Guest ADM Angie Bruce, Natural Resources Canada ‘Nokwewask’

Indigenous Partnerships in the Natural Resource Centre

1:00 PM

Economic Reconciliation in Energy Infrastructure Projects

Session Moderator- John Desjarlais, Great Plains Contracting
Barry Vickers, First Nations Major Projects Coalition
Sheldon Wuttunee, Saskatchewan First Nations Centre of Excellence
Carissa Browning, EnerNext Partners
Hillary Thatcher, Canada Infrastructure Bank
Q & A

2:15 PM

Striving for Reconciliation through Net-Zero by 2050 Energy Transition Panel

Session Moderator- Francis Bradley, Canadian Electricity Association
Ken Hartwick, Ontario Power Generation
Troy King, SaskPower
Keith Cronkhite, Energie NB Power
Q & A

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Indigenous Participation in Small Modular Reactor Technology

Session Moderator- Noel Voykin, IACSMRAP
Sean Willy, Des Nedhe Development Corporation
Jim Boucher, Saa Dene Group of Companies
Jim Ward, North Shore Micmac District Council
Jill Baker, Canadian Nuclear Association
Q & A

4:30 PM

Day 1 Summary

Milton Tootoosis, Forum MC

6th Annual indigenous clean energy forum

Day 2

8:00 AM

Breakfast and Welcome by Elders Lawrence & Priscilla Joseph

9:00 AM

Energy Efficiency and Advancing Sustainability in First Nations Communities

Session Moderator- Harri Makivirta
Ersilia Serafini, Summerhill
Nadine Goldstone, SaskPower
Tracy Sterdan, Energy Efficiency Manitoba
Q & A

9:30 AM

Territory Welcome Address

Vice-Chief Aly Bear, FSIN

10:15 AM

Power Generation and Utility Scale Projects with Indigenous Communities

Session Moderator- Guy Bruce, FNPA
Tina Rasmussen, MLTC BioEnergy Centre
Albert Derocher, Flying Dust Power Corporation
Glen Pratt, Pesakastew Solar Project
Jessica Nixon, Bekavar Wind Project
Q & A

11:45 AM


12:30 PM

Special Guest Karri Howlett, Howlett Consulting

Measuring Success in Indigenous-led Clean Energy Projects in Saskatchewan

1:00 PM

2041 Climate Force Antarctica Expedition, Leadership on the Edge

Danielle Kehler and Jeff Bonaldi

2:20 PM

Pursuing Net-Zero Through Various Cleaner Energy Technologies

Session Moderator- Guy Lonechild, FNPA
Lyndon Listiza, Toroto
Ran Narayanasamy, Petroleum Technology Research Centre
Lesley McGilp, Saskatchewan Research Council
Ken Darlington, USNC
Q & A

3:45 PM

Indigenous Clean Energy Forum Wrap-up

Guy Lonechild, FNPA

Chairman’s 10th Anniversary Gala

6:00 PM


6:30 PM

Greetings from FNPA Chair Chief Felix Thomas

6:35 PM

Honouring Grand Chief David Gamble & Veterans
w/ FSIN Vice-Chief E. Dutch Lerat

6:50 PM

FNPA Clean Energy Scholarship Recipients Announcement

7:00 PM


7:30 PM

Special Guest Entertainer Alonzo Wang

9:00 PM

Silent Auction Close

10:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Thank You To Our Terawatt & Megawatt Sponsors

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